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Arcade Games are the best form of learning ...

Welcome to, an independent educational software company based in Staffordshire. Learning Arcade aims to produce arcade quality educational flash games to enhance and accelerate learning for primary school children. Through promoting fun learning with primary software provides digital education to address the shortage of quality phonics products.

Native societies and cultures historically, have always taught the skills needed for survival in their environment through games. If we look at the plains indians in America for instance, the games children played in their culture taught them hunting stealth skills as that was needed to provide food. Surviving in our society involves a different set of skills. It is these skills that Learning Arcade primarily seeks to deliver through educational flash games, in an engaging digital environment that disguises learning making it fun.


The government is now pushing phonics forward as the "prime means for teaching children how to read and spell words". For this purpose the Department for Children, Schools and Families has produced a guide (Letters and sounds: principles and practice of high quality phonics) for phonics practitioners in 2007/8. In a report from ATL magazine Alex Tomlinson finds that phonics, while being an effective aid, is not the only method of teaching reading. "Children need to be encouraged to read so they can enjoy books and stories, rather than simply being shown the building blocks of the process." (January/February 2008 report)

Alphabetipede promotes this enjoyment of reading by going beyond static books and stories to deliver the skills needed for a lifetime of learning.

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